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China Three Gorges Corporation and TUS-EST establish a Strategic Cooperation Relationship and Jointly Participate in the Protection of the Yangtze River

On December 25, 2019, Tus-Environmental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter re


Tus-EST Wins The “Top Ten Influential Companies in the Solid Waste Industry” For 11 Consecutive Years

On December 19, 2019, the 201913thSolid Waste Strategy Forum, co-sponsored by E20 Environment Platfo



Flowers of coordination bloom in the Central Plains

On the morning of October 23, Qidi environmental zero carbon energy center held the "low carbon and

Demonstration project

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  • Jiangsu Nantong Electronic Waste Recycling Project

    The only designated enterprise in Nantong area for the disposal and planning of waste electrical and electronic products, with an annual disposal capacity of 1 million units of five major types of used household appliances and 500,000 units of used office appliances. Since its establishment, the company has been awarded the titles of “China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Education Demonstration Base”, “Nantong Environmental Protection Popular Science Education Base”, and “Jiangsu Popular Science Education Base”, winning the title of “Green Unit in terms of Corporate Environmental Behavior Rating” for three consecutive years.


  • Taizhou Unisplendour Water Industry Co., Ltd.

    Project Type: Sewage treatment project Advanced unit for operation and management of wastewater treatment plant in Jiangsu Province Disposal capacity: 80,000 tons/day Operation commenced: 2004 Approved operation period: 20 years


Rui’an Unisplendour Water Industry Co., Ltd.

Project type: Sewage treatment project An advanced unit of pollution interception and emission reduction in Zhejiang Province Disposal capacity: 210,000 tons/day Operation commenced: 2004 Approved operation period: 20 years


Xiong’an New Area Project

Tus-EST New Sanitation Xiong’an New Area Project is called Baoding Shanmei Environmental Sanitation Service Co., Ltd., which is a project company of Beijing Sound Sanitation Investment Co., Ltd. and was established on December 1, 2014;


  • Qingyuan Dongjiang Electronic Waste Recycling Project

    Qingyuan Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qingyuan Dongjiang”) was established on July 12, 2007. It is located in Taiji Industrial City, High-tech Zone, Qingyuan City, covering an area of about 84,000 square meters, with a total investment of RMB 172.4 million and about 300 employees. Its scope of business includes the recovery, treatment and comprehensive utilization of waste electrical appliances, electronic products, printed circuit boards and waste batteries, with the production and sales of recycled products. At present, the waste electrical and electronic products annually disassembled and disposed of by Qingyuan Dongjiang reach 3.25 million units (sets) in number, weighing about 73,000 tons.


  • Kaifeng Thunip Unisplendour Water Industry Co., Ltd.

    Project Type: Sewage treatment project One of the first group of 5A enterprises in the environmental protection industry in Henan Disposal capacity: 320,000 tons/day Operation commenced: 2008 Approved operation period: 30 years


Inner Mongolia Tongliao Hazardous Waste Disposal Project

Approved to operate 44 major categories of hazardous waste, the project, since its successful trial operation in 2014, has successively completed a number of emergency response tasks, including “Tianjin Port 8·12 Explosion”, “Pollution Discharge in Tengger Desert” and “Aohan Environmental Pollution”. It won the honorary title and award of “Quality Mengdong” in 2018.


Anhui Bengbu Project

Anhui Bengbu Zhijie Environmental Services Co., Ltd. was incorporated on August 4, 2014. It won the unified bid for road cleaning service in 6 districts and 1 county of Bengbu City on May 13, 2016, with a total cleaning area of 24 million square meters, and the bid amount was RMB 165 million/year. At present, the company has 2,971 employees.


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