Zero carbon & Zero waste builder
Tus Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd

TUS-EST is a state-owned environmental enterprise listed on the main board of Shenzhen (Stock Name: TUS-EST, Stock Code: 000826) and one of the first high-tech enterprises recognized by the State. Positioned as a high-tech enterprise specializing in comprehensive environmental governance, TUS-EST, with the mission of “zero-carbon and waste-free builder” and in the triple helix development model of “Industry + Technology + Capital”, achieves high-efficiency transformation of the technological achievements of Tsinghua University and domestic and foreign advanced scientific research institutions through the synergy of the entire industrial chain, opening up the boundaries of energy and environmental protection through technological integration and innovation, thereby allowing more technologies into the market to serve the ecological environment.

Main business

The company integrates investment, consulting, design, construction, operation, system integration, equipment manufacturing, Internet platform and green finance, and has the scale layout of the whole environmental industry chain.


TUS-EST’s annual revenue exceeded RMB 10 billion in 2018. As of September 30, 2019, the company’s total assets and net assets were RMB 42.855 billion and RMB 15.246 billion respectively, with 480 subsidiaries under its sole control or joint control.

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Through the integration of energy and environmental protection, TUS-EST has constructed five major platforms: zero-carbon energy, solid waste and renewable resources, water ecological, urban environmental services, sanitation vehicle and environmental protection equipment. From the perspective of industrial layout, they cover the fields of energy, heat, solid waste, hazardous waste, regeneration, water, sanitation, equipment manufacturing, green finance, etc. From the perspective of market layout, TUS-EST’s projects are distributed in 84 prefecture-level administrative regions in 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions; from the perspective of the business chain, they involve R&D, transformation of technological achievements, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, market development, project investment, financing, construction, operation, etc. as a full coverage of the project’s life cycle.

TUS-EST has been engaged in the environmental protection industry for 27 years. It has established the Environmental Research Institute, the Zero Carbon Technology Center, the Solid Waste and Renewable Resources Technical Support and Research Center, the Thunip Environmental Technology Center, the Smart Sanitation Technology Center and the New Energy Vehicle Research Institute. It has completed the entire industrial chain layout, and achieved the coordinated development of technology and industry with the company’s scale advantages and through model innovation. The company makes technological innovations mainly through technological breakthroughs. For example, its own patent “Technology of Enhanced Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal for Wastewater Treatment based on Anaerobic and Anoxic Fluidized Biological Carriers” has filled a gap in the research of normal temperature productive sewage treatment plants globally; its own patented technology product “High Pressure Extruder” has been successfully applied to 13 dining and kitchen projects, and has been in stable operation for three years. 

The company continues to improve its vitality through the combination of enterprises, universities and research institutes, and has developed and proposed new ideas for the treatment of kitchen waste (food waste) in conjunction with a number of universities; through the reconstruction of waste value and technology matrix matching, it achieves the purpose of common benefit for multiple points in the system and high-value utilization of kitchen waste (food waste) to improve the quality and efficiency of the existing industry. As of 2019, the company had more than 200 invention patents and more than 400 utility models, won more than 10 national or provincial technology awards and over 100 other technology awards, completed 1 project of the National 863 Program, 1 provincial and ministerial level research project and successfully applied for 3 national research projects and 2 municipal research projects. In advantage of TusHoldings’ triple helix system of “Technology, Industry and Capital”, it has realized the development path of technology industrialization and industrial capitalization to become a leader in the transformation of technological achievements in the environmental industry.