• Vice President of Tus-Holdings / Secretary of the General Party Branch of TUS-EST、Chairman of TUS-EST / Chairman of Tus-Clean Enengy

    Mr. Wen Hui (born in 1971, MBA of Tsinghua University) is now the Secretary of CPC General Branch and Board Chairman of Tus-EST. He successively served as the Deputy General Manager and the Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing YADU Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and the President of Beijing YADU Indoor Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co., Ltd. from July 1997 to June 2013; as the President, the Board Chairman & President and the Board Chairman of Beijing Tus Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ever since June 2013 and as the Vice President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. ever since July 2018. He also holds the posts of the Director of Tus S&T Service Group and the Board Chairman of Beijing Tus Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

  • President

    Mr. Li Xingwen (born in 1964, graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering; Professor-level Senior Engineer, One of Top 100 Leading Talents in Beijing, first prize winner of Beijing Science and Technology Award) is now the President of Tus-EST. He has served as the General Manager of Environmental Engineering Department of Tsinghua University Science and Technology Development Corporation, the Vice President of Tsinghua Unigroup Corporation, the Vice President of Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited, the Board Chairman and President of Thunip Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. and the Vice President of Tus-EST. His current social positions include the Vice President of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, the Executive Director of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, the Vice President of Z-Park Non-Governmental Science Technology Entrepreneurs Association, the Executive Director of China Environment Service Industry Association and the Chief Supervisor of Zhongguancun Environmental Development Industry Alliance.